Fresh Products

Ever fresh product range includes a wide variety of Strawberries, grapes, pomegranates, Sweet potatoes, mangoes, , sugar snaps, Spring Onions and Green beans.

Frozen Products

Ever fresh provides a vast range of products to suit the needs of your market. Our fresh-frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit make cooking enjoyable and help.

About Us

Our Farms

At Ever Fresh Produce, we take pride in food safety. Our Technical Team has developed a complete set of guidelines, practices and procedures that cover all aspects of our business. Our Quality Assurance Team monitors products to the highest standards at all times.

Complete Traceability

We work with our established farms that have passed rigorous third-party inspections and fully accredited to supply produce to our markets around the world. Our product range have complete farm traceability programs to ensure we can trace every product as we apply a food safety standpoint back to a specific farm and field.

Global Markets

Retailers and consumers are increasingly making their choices based on commitment to food safety, quality standards, high ethical, social and environmental responsibility. Ever Fresh Agric ulture is committed to continuously meet those expectations..